Baraggan Luisenbarn, 2nd Espada. WIP

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Baraggan Luisenbarn, 2nd Espada. WIP

Post by Gin Ichimaru on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:12 am

Personal Information

Name: Baraggan Luisenbarn.
Age: Actual age is unknown, so i'm guessing between 900 and 1100.
Gender: Male.
Appearence: Baraggan takes the appearance of an old, yet very muscular and broad man. He has a large white moustache and stuck-up white hair.
He has two scars on his face, one on the left side of his chin and another running down through his right forehead, eyelid and stopping just above the cheek.

Baraggan's clothing consists of a large white coat with a fur collar and black fur also lining the sleeves and base of the coat.
His hollow mask remnant takes the form of a white crown along the front of his forehead, attached by two strips of mask down his cheeks.
His Espada tatoo location is unknown, so i'm interpreting it as being on his chest.


History: Vasto Lorde Baraggan was the lord of Las Noches, the 'castle' just being some ruins and a tiled floor, in the center of which was a throne that Baraggan often sat at.
His major problem with Las Noches was that it was incredibly boring, almost at the point of commanding his army to split into two groups and fight eachother to the death for his amusement when Aizen appeared and offered Baraggan even greater power than he already had. Baraggan, at first, refused Aizen's offer and commanded his army to kill the intruder, but all of his forces were slaughtered within a matter of seconds. Aizen shower Baraggan the power of his Zanpaktou and eventually persuaded him to obey Aizen's commands, becoming an Arrancar and having a huge castle built by his remaining army, most of which were also turned into lower level Arrancar, his favourate guards becoming his Fraccion.

Now, Baraggan waits in Hueco Mundo for Aizen's orders.

Personality: Just like his axe's name, Baraggan is an arrogant old man, accepting no word as truth but his own. He believes all other beings to be inferior, even his current 'boss', Sosuke Aizen.
He thinks himself as the one true God of all creation, and will attempt to kill anyone who suggests otherwise.
Baraggan has a sick sense of fairness in battle, as seen when he reveals his Resurreccion to Soi Fon in the anime and manga as a 'reward for fighting well'.

Name: Time dilation.
Effect: Any attack coming within a few feet of him will slow down and lose a lot of its power before it touches him. Also, if he is to touch someone 'with intent', he can break their bones (painlessly) if he holds the limb for about a second. The pain is so minute that the person rarely realises that their bone has broken until they try and move it.

Name: Arrogante.
Description: Arrogante takes the form of a long, double-bladed axe. At the base of the axe is a red eye-type crystal, the same as at the top of the axe, in between the blades. Swinging Arrogante with considerable force is enough to tear a building apart half a mile away with ease.

Name: Time dilation repelling.
Effect: this basically protects him from his own abilities, if his attacks were to be launched back at him, they would not work. The only way that his own attacks could hamr him is if they somehow managed to get inside his body.


Name: Rot, Arrogante.
Appearence: A dark aura will completely cover Baraggan. When he is revealed, he will significantly resemble the common interpretation of Death. His body will become a skelenton covered in a purple and black king's robe, with a golden emblem on the chest. He wiull be wearing a golden crown with jewelry of different colours embedded into it. On his fingers will be various golden rings.
The only things that this attack does not effect is Zanpaktou or himself.

Name: Respira.
Description: Baraggan will raise a finger and say 'Respira.', this will cause a dark aura to spread in any direction he chooses, even able to spread in every direction away from him.
It will travel at a fast pace, about 60 miles an hour.
On contact, it will begin to rot away the flesh really quickly, revealing the bone. The bone will then disintegrate, slower than the flesh, but quickly nontheless. If the infected limb it not cut off or contained, the disintegration will continue to the rest of the body and leave nothing of the target left, not even a skelenton.
Range:Half a Mile.

Name: Enhanced Time Dilation.
Description: Anything he comes into contact to will rot, including the ground he walks on. If he maintains contact with an enemy for enough time, their flesh will rot away, but this effect will not continue when he loses contact. Also, any attack coming his way will lose approximately half of its momentum before it hits him, limiting the damage.
Range: Several feet.

Name:Gran Caida.
Description: This technique will summon the Resurreccion version of his axe, now much slimmer, with a spike protruding upwards from between the blades. It is presumably easier for him to handle in this form, too. Since it is an upgraded form of the normal axe, it will be able to cut through several buildings with one slice from a fair distance away.
Range: His hand.

RP Sample:
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