Iziru Kira(WIP)

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Iziru Kira(WIP)

Post by Izuru Kira on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:17 am

Name: Iziru Kira
Age: 1203
Gender: Male
Appearence: Izuru Kira has blue eyes. He has blonde hair that goes to his shoulders. It is combed into three areas. Two points cover the back of his head. The third covers across his left eye. He wears the standard shinigami black kimino. He wears his lieutenants band on his left shouklder. His sheathe for his zanpakuto lays on his left waist.



Spirit's Appearence: Wabisuke holds the appearence of a weak and skiny person. The person is in a black cloak concealing its face. But a rope can be seen hanging down from wabisuke's neck. On the back of the cloak a design of a three sided box with the open side facing down is sewn in a a blood red fabric.
Spirit's Personality: Wabisuke has a sort of sadistic personality. It is the type of person that just talking to him would turn the most cheery people in a depressed person. Wabisuke holds no joy in his personality since he is the spirit of a man hanged for no reason. He sees little joy in anything. However, Wabisuke can find joy in making others suffer to the point where they are just about to give up.

Shikai:Wabisuke (The Wretched One)
Command: Raise Your Head
Appearence: Wabisuke has the appearence of a ordinary katana. Except for the end of the blade. The blade had two ninty degree angles. To make it look like a three sided box. However ironically the bladed side is on the inside of the box. Making it seem ineffective in a sword battle.
Description: When wabisuke strikes anything its ability will trigger. Every strike it will double the body weight of what ever it hits. This ability is meant to hit the foes weapon until they bow down the the user. Where their head is usually taken off right after.

Canon Kido only here please.
Name: Enkosen
Number: 39
Description:reates a Reitsu sheild in front of the user to block frontal attacks.




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Re: Iziru Kira(WIP)

Post by Gin Ichimaru on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:27 am

Looking good so far, Kira ^^
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