Shouten Jitsuryoku

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Shouten Jitsuryoku

Post by Shikyo Kami on Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:26 am

Name: Shouten Jitsuryoku
Type: Hadō
Number: 99
Range: Physical
Description: This creates a field of black spiritual pressure around the users fists, which continues up the forearms and end halfway up the biceps. With one punch, a beam of rietsu will be sent through the target separating all atoms, effectively disintegrating the object. The atoms are then carried, by a second blast, at near the speed of light. Anything that comes in contact with these projectiles will implode. The use of this Kido requires one ally, willing, who will be left unconcious(2 Posts) it drains their rietsu until they wake up. (The Kido will end after 5 posts). When the seal, placed on the chest of the user the first time they use this kido is raised, by the captain commander, an ally is not required (but it can only last for 2 posts, left unconcious for 3 posts after use).
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