Rules, if you disobey them then may Chuck Norris have mercy on your soul.

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Rules, if you disobey them then may Chuck Norris have mercy on your soul.

Post by Gin Ichimaru on Sat May 29, 2010 9:59 am


Rule 1: No racial slurrs in the cb or in rp, this will not be tolerated and will result in a warning, then a temporary ban, then and IP ban if problems persist.
Rule 2: Respect my authoritah: Respect the moderators and admins, and we shall respect you.
Rule 3: Rule 4 is a lie.
Rule 4: Rule 3 is a lie.
Rule 5: No extreme sexual content in the rp or cb. mild touching, romance and perverted characters may be present in the rp, but any extreme nudity or sex will have to be taken to PMs.
Rule 6: No godmodding: Be fair to other players, do not autohit them by saying something like 'Mah char attks u and kills u OLOLOLOLOLOL!!!11!!', this will not be tolerated.
Rule 7: Don't be an ass: constantly insulting someone for no reason is unfair and you will be kicked from the bc if this happens.
Rule 9: The cake is a lie.
Rule 10: you didn't notice there wasn't a rule 8.
Rule 11: I'm doing science and i'm still alive
Rule 12: I feel fantastic and i'm still alive
Rule 13: when you're dying i'll be still alive
Rule 14: and when you're dead I will be still alive
Rule 15: still alive
Rule 16: still alive.
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