Mr X [W.I.P.]

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Mr X [W.I.P.]

Post by Mr X on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:59 pm


Name: Mr X (ミスターXの)
Age: 230
Gender: Born Male.
Appearence: Mr X is no runt; he stands over five feet tall, proud of his height along with the rest of his ability. He is approximately 150 pounds (last time he checked); he considers it to be muscle, not fat.

Rank: Highest Available Ranking Espada.






Name: Etpo
Appearence: In taking the form of his Resurreccion, his muscle tissue begins to shed due to a high focus of reiatsu on the tip of skin layers. Under his layer of skin, hones a pelt of scales, exposing his Resurreccion form of a Chameleon-like body. The black scales consume his body, his eyes getting a serpent like shape, and an ominous dark red glow. With it done, he is now in the form of a humanoid-chameleon, able to go to new levels with techniques. (Note: In this form, all Cero-like attacks are released via the Mouth.)

Name: Cloak Pelt
Description: By directing reiatsu out the pores of the scales, Mr X may form a shield, blocking all light from his body, nothing more than that. The absence of light making an imprint on his body, makes him absolutely invisible to the normal eye. The only known way to find him now is through Reiatsu sensing due to the reiatsu he focuses on his body, or even hearing his movements.
Range: His body.
Limits: As often as needed; Must give away more portions of Reiatsu the longer this is used consecutively.

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